Dabadabadoo, Making Rigs Work For You

If you’re new to the world of dabbing, it can be intimidating. If you need any convincing as to why it’s worth it, just remember that dabs of cannabis concentrate typically have a THC concentration between 50 and 80% in comparison to traditional flower, which typically has 15 – 25%. Why is this? Essentially, by dropping a small amount of concentrated cannabis oil on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize, the process of dabbing allows the user to get nothing but the hash oil’s potent effect and flavor. 

Just like flower consumption, there isn’t just one dabbing method. Below, we’ll get into the most popular consumption methods and how to use them. 

Methods of dabbing & the tools you’ll need for each 

Allow us to break it down for you. First, let’s start with the essentials. What tools will you need? A common vehicle for concentrate consumption is a dab rig, also known as an oil rig. Dab rigs mirror the look of a traditional bong, except for a few vital differences. Bongs are designed to be used with bowl pieces, for herb consumption, and are not built to withstand the high heat necessary to vaporize concentrates. 

Oil rig Hightops Dispensary

Oil Rig available at Hightops Dispensary

Rigs, on the other hand, have what’s called a ‘nail’ in place of a bowl. Typically made out of ceramic, titanium or quartz, nails are built to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees. These days, most users prefer the quartz banger variation of a concentrate nail. The anatomy of the banger consists of the bucket, where the product is heated, and the joint, which connects the attachment to the water pipe base. Many users prefer this to the glass nail because it requires fewer moving parts, since glass nails require the use of a dome. Even so, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, then the glass dome and nail variation is something to consider. 

Essentially, the user inhales through the mouthpiece after heating the nail using a hand-held torch, but let’s get into the nitty gritty. The first step is to apply a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate onto the dabbing tool, also called a wand or a dabber. Next step is to turn on the blow torch and directly apply the flame to the nail, which will become red hot after a few seconds. Before moving to the next step, always remember to turn your blow torch off. Finally, touch the concentrate against the nail using your wand and inhale slowly. Pro tip: rotate the wand on the nail to prevent wasting any oil. Just remember, dabbing is an incredibly potent way to ingest cannabis. Starting out slow would be wise, but we’ll get into dosing below. 

Looking for a more convenient method of dabbing? Look no further than the dab pen. Also known as a wax pen, the dab pen provides a more compact and portable way to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Typically, the pen is attached to a dab atomizer which is heated by a coil. Depending on the pen, oftentimes users are able to control the temperature settings, thus managing how strong of a hit they will be getting. 

How much is too much of a good thing? 

We’ve all heard the saying and in the case of dabbing cannabis concentrate, it holds powerful wisdom. Once you have the tools, you are almost ready. Knowing what amount to dose is pivotal information and could be the difference between a pleasant high and high that has you forgetting your own iPhone passcode. Since any product of cannabis concentrate is extremely potent, the best way to measure your dose is to start small and experiment with what works for you. From there, you can tailor the temperature you’re heating your nail at as a way to manage the intensity and length of your high. A lower temperature in the 500° range will make for a smoother, more aromatic and flavorful dab, while a higher temperature like 750° will be harsher and more immediate. 

And finally, enjoy the experimentation and fun of discovering your own unique dabbing preferences. Just like wine tasting is for the wine connoisseurs, dabbing is for the cannabis connoisseurs!