Daboratory Products


Daboratory wax and shatter is made using a proprietary BHO/PHO blend in conjunction with a proprietary purge. We take extra precaution with purging, allowing the concentrates a longer time to settle so only the cleanest taste is achieved for the end-user experience.


Daboratory quality distillate is created from your favorite strains while preserving the complex terpene profiles you know and love.


Daboratory Diamonds are made with precision and care to separate pure crystalline THCA diamonds from terpenes to produce a potent superior finished product.



Daboratory’s live resin is extracted from our fresh, in-house flower that is flash frozen to preserve the terpene profiles, resulting in a flavor that is as close to the living plant as possible. The fresh frozen flower is extracted with our proprietary Hydrocarbon (Propane/Butane) mixture at negative temperatures to ensure the highest quality extraction of the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Our concentrates are generally solvent-free, as great care is taken during the post production process to remove all residuals as verified by our testing partners.


Daboratory’s stabilized shatter has a consistency than can break or crack with a high concentration of THC to give you amazing product with even better taste.



Daboratory sugar wax contains a premium hydrocarbon blend that yields a high THC content that creates a sugary consistency to preserve the complex flavors from our homegrown flower for you to enjoy. No terpenes added, no filters.


Daboratory infused prerolls contain .2g raw distillate and .8g flower creating a full 1g experience not to be missed!

Daboratory Infused Preroll


Daboratory’s crumble wax is renowned for its unique, crumbly texture and high levels of THC. This concentrate is achieved by processing at lower temperatures for a much longer period of time, but is surely worth the wait.

Live Crumble


Daboratory’s budder wax is a THC-rich cannabis concentrate with a creamy, buttery consistency and rich flavor profile. Produced by whipping the live resin extract under low heat to create a homogenized ‘full spectrum’ extract with a consistency ranging from slightly runny to a soft playdough depending on terpene content.  

Infused Budder


RSO is short for Rick Simpson Oil – a full extract cannabis oil that’s meant to be taken orally or applied topically. RSO has concentrated doses of therapeutic cannabis plant compounds, mostly CBD, and is available in 1-1 and 4-1 thc to cbd.

RSO Syringe-T


The sugar wax was nice and strong and exactly what I would expect from good flower extract.

Damon R.
The taste in our cartridges are soo good it’s never harsh and always has such a fruity/citrusy taste to it. Amazing taste.
Cartridges have a nice mellow high and great taste. Sugar wax is a heavy hitter with a great terp profile. .
Joshua C.

I love the Daboratory products I’ve tried. The high is always so smooth and is easy to work with and the sugar wax has great consistency and smokes amazing no matter how I choose to smoke it..

Brooke W.
The high is perfect! Has amazing flavor. Highly recommend over any other concentrates I’ve tried.