There are a lot of ways to differentiate cannabis concentrate types – potency, texture, consistency, etc. All concentrates can be classified into groups based on shared characteristics, just like in biology. At the most basic level, concentrates are classified as either a type of shatter or a type of wax. 

Essentially, it’s the post-extraction processing that distinguishes most concentrated cannabis products from each other. Post-extraction processing is where shatter takes on its brittle texture and glassy sheen and where, for wax concentrates, the whipping intensity determines whether the result is the creamy consistency of budder or a denser, crumbly wax. Ultimately, it’s where the nuanced differences in concentrate emerge.

So, where to start? What are the essentials when it comes to feeling like an educated consumer of cannabis concentrates? No need to feel overwhelmed, Daboratory is here to help initiate you into the wonderful world of concentrates. 



Just saying the word shatter feels like it has jagged edges. Generally speaking, most anything that has the ability to shatter is also difficult to precisely measure, which is certainly the case with shatter concentrates. Daboratory shatter is typically produced using a proprietary butane/propane blend and undergoes a rigorous purification process before coming into its glossy amber sheen. The intensity of its manufacturing process results in a product with a pristine structure and purity.

Practically speaking, shatter can be difficult to measure and dose because of its brittle consistency, often breaking into unpredictable pieces. This glassy extract has a reputation for being potent, though it can range in potency depending on the strain of cannabis that is being used as well as the specific extraction techniques and equipment. While cannabis flower tends to produce levels of around 30% THC, shatter extracts have some of the highest percentages, with extractions producing up to 90% THC.


Daboratory Diamonds

Diamonds, as you might have surmised given the name, have an extremely high level of purity. Diamonds are a unique crystalline form of marijuana that develop in ‘sauce’, a live resin, solvent-based extraction method designed to carefully maintain the original terpene profile. Like with other extracts, the starting material is key and the better the strain, the higher quality the diamond concentrate will produce. Sometimes referred to as THCA crystalline because of the naturally forming crystalline molecular build of THCa, diamonds form from the pressure that builds after jarring live resin. 

The size and shape of diamonds depend on the temperature, moisture and solvents used in the extraction process and can range from very small to very large chunks. Crystalline THC can only activate from heat, therefore you won’t find this concentrate in edible or tincture form since ingesting it will yield no effect. 


Infused Budder

The most notable differentiating factor between shatter and wax/budder is cosmetically and aside from that, the two can resemble each other in potency and flavor profiles. The creamy rich malleability of these concentrates arise out from a whipping process that agitates the molecular makeup. Whereas, shatter is able to maintain its glass-like consistency because the molecules in the extract are left undisturbed during processing. 

The intensity by which the cannabis extract undergoes the whipping process determines its texture and consistency. The more aggressive the whipping, the drier and brittler the wax will be. Budder, also known as batter or badder, earns its namesake from a less intensive whipping process that results in a delicious looking frosting-like consistency, easily able to be scooped up onto a dab tool by even the most amateur dabbers. 

Live Resin

Live Resin

Unlike the other concentrates, live resin uses living plants that are cryogenically frozen. This helps preserve the terpenes profiles, oils and THC content, thus producing a more aromatic and flavorful product than that of other concentrates. Live resin’s pungency affirms a phenomenon called the entourage effect, which in essence makes the case that cannabis’ properties are best enjoyed synergistically.

With this in mind, live resin can be a great choice for those in need of the pain-relieving and relaxation benefits of cannabis. It’s terpene-rich potency leaves consumers with a soothing and sensory experience. 

To sum up…

The differentiating nuances of cannabis concentrates leave us with a lot to consider, whether you’re a novice or an expert dabber. And, if your brain is spinning from the complexity, remember that the final products retain the same potency regardless of the post-extraction process. Essentially, it comes down to personal preference and how user-friendly you need your product to be. The wide selection of consumption methods can be daunting, but let us not forget that there was a time in the not too distant past that we might have been scraping crumbs from a grinder to pack our homemade apple pipe. All things considered, too many options is always better than not enough. Alas, what a time it is to be alive!

Daboratory offers a wide selection of premium cannabis concentrates produced locally in Colorado Springs from flower we grow ourselves, never outsourced. Discover our golden selection and find a retailer today.